Deye String Inverter SUN-18/20/25K-G04

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SUN-18/20/25K-G04 | 18-25kW | Three Phase | 2 MPPT

Higher yields / Safe & Reliable / Smart / User-friendly

This new series of three-phase output inverter has wider range of 18kw, 20kw, 25kw than the original series, at the same time still got two integrated MPPTs, allowing two-array to input from different roof orientations. In addition, it allows the system to be monitored and controlled remotely.

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Remotely shutdown function

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The intelligent monitoring platform also supports firmware update function. With the continuous advancement of technology and changes in market demand, photovoltaic power stations need to continuously upgrade equipment to remain competitive. Through the firmware update function of the intelligent monitoring platform, operation and maintenance personnel can obtain the latest software version at any time and remotely push the update program to the inverter product for installation. In this way, the equipment of the photovoltaic power station is always in optimal condition, improving power generation efficiency and stability.

● 2 MPP tracker, Max. efficiency up to 98.6%

● vsg:Obtain relevant licenses and approval documents

● String intelligent monitoring (optional)

● Wide output voltage range

● Anti-PID function (Optional)

Smart Monitoring Platform

 Input Side
Max. DC Input Power (kW) 23.4 26 32.5 23.4 26      32.5
Max. DC Input Voltage (V) 1000
Start-up DC Input Voltage (V)                                                                                                                                               250
MPPT Operating Range (V) 200 850
Max. DC Input Current (A)       32+32 26+26
Max. Short Circuit Current (A)       48+48 39+39
No.of MPP Trackers                                                                                                                                                                    2
No.of Strings per MPP Tracker 3+3       2+2
Output Side
Rated Output Power (kW) 18 20 25 18 20 25
Max. Active Power (kW) 19.8 22 27.5 19.8 22 27.5
Nominal Output Voltage / Range (V)                                                                                                       3L/N/PE 220/380V, 230/400V
Rated Grid Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60 (Optional)
Operating Phase Three Phase
Rated AC Grid Output Current (A) 27.3/26. 1 30.3/29 37.9/36.2 27.3/26. 1 30.3/29 37.9/36.2
Max. AC Output Current (A) 30/28.7 33.3/31.9 41.7/39.8 30/28.7 33.3/31.9 41.7/39.8
Output Power Factor    0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Grid Current THD <3%
DC Injection Current (mA) <0.5%
Grid Frequency Range 45~55 or 55~65 (Optional)98.6%
Max. Efficiency
Euro Efficiency 97.8%
MPPT Efficiency >99%Yes
DC Reverse-Polarity Protection
AC Short Circuit Protection Yes
AC Output Overcurrent Protection Yes
Output Overvoltage Protection Yes
 Insulation Resistance Protection Yes
Ground Fault Monitoring Yes
Anti-islanding Protection Yes
Temperature Protection Yes
 Integrated DC Switch Yes
Remote Software Upload Yes
Remote Change of Operating Parameters Yes
Surge Protection DC Type II / AC Type II
General Data
Cabinet Size (WxHxD mm) 362×577×215 (Excluding Connectors and Brackets) 362×527×220 (Excluding Connectors and Brackets)
Weight (kg) 23 20
Topology Transformerless
 Internal Consumption <1W (Night)
Running Temperature -25-65℃, >45℃ Derating
 Ingress Protection IP65
Noise Emission (Typical) ≤40 dB
Cooling Concept Smart Cooling
Permissible Altitude (m) 2000     4000
Warranty 5 Years
Grid Connection Standard VDE4105, IEC61727/62116, VDE0126, AS4777.2, CEI 0 21, EN50549- 1, G98, G99, C10- 11,
UNE217002, NBR16149/NBR16150
Operating Surroundings Humidity 0- 100%
Safety EMC / Standard                                                                                                  IEC/EN 61000-6- 1/2/3/4, IEC/EN 62109- 1, IEC/EN 62109-2
DC Connection MC-4 Mateable
AC Connection IP65 Rated Plug
Display LCD1602
 Interface RS485/RS232/Wifi/LAN

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