The prospect of energy storage and energy storage fire protection industry is revealed

The prospect of energy storage and energy storage fire protection industry is revealed

In recent years, with the advancement of global energy transformation and the continuous development of new energy technologies, the energy storage industry has gradually become the focus of governments and enterprises in various countries. At the same time, energy storage fire protection has also attracted much attention due to its importance in energy storage systems. This article will discuss the development prospects of the energy storage industry and energy storage fire protection.

1. Energy storage industry
Energy storage refers to storing energy in a specific medium so that it can be released when needed. Energy storage technology is widely used in power storage, transportation, aerospace, industrial manufacturing and other fields. Currently, common energy storage technologies include lithium-ion batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries, flow batteries, supercapacitors, and mechanical energy storage.

The development of energy storage technology plays a vital role in addressing the volatility and uncertainty of renewable energy. At the same time, energy storage technology can also improve the stability and security of the power grid, and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Therefore, governments and enterprises of various countries are actively promoting the development of energy storage technology.

Market research company Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables analyzed that by 2030, the global installed capacity of energy storage will increase from the initial point of 188 gigawatt hours (GWh) in 2020 to 1,095 GWh, with a compound annual growth rate of 28%. Among them, China, the United States, and Europe will be the main drivers of the energy storage market.

2. Energy storage fire protection
Energy storage fire protection refers to the technologies and facilities for preventing and controlling fires in energy storage systems. Due to the characteristics of high energy density and flammability of energy storage systems, once a fire occurs, it may cause serious casualties and property losses. Therefore, the research and application of energy storage fire protection is very important.


At present, the technology and facilities for energy storage fire protection mainly include the following aspects:

1. Temperature monitoring and control: monitor the temperature change of the energy storage system through the temperature sensor and control system, detect abnormalities in time and control them. Based on the principle of “early detection and early disposal”, Qianye Technology advocates timely early warning and precise suppression of the primary stage of thermal runaway of lithium batteries in the energy storage cabin. as small as possible. It mainly consists of two aspects: fire detection and fire extinguishing (fire suppression).

The alarm system mainly includes: fire alarm control device for energy storage power station (hereinafter referred to as: fire alarm controller), hydrogen, carbon monoxide, smoke and temperature composite fire detection device for energy storage power station (hereinafter referred to as: composite fire detector), emergency Start-stop button, logic expansion module, deflation indicator light, sound and light alarm, communication cable, etc. The fire suppression system is mainly composed of three parts: thermal runaway detection and alarm system, perfluorohexanone total flooding fire extinguishing system and water sprinkler fire extinguishing system.

2. Fire detection and alarm: Use fire detectors to detect fires inside and around the energy storage system, and send out alarm signals in time.

The special fire detection device of Qianye Technology for electrochemical energy storage power station adopts a highly integrated method to integrate measurement parameters such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, VOC gas, smoke, temperature, etc., to carry out all-round monitoring and monitoring of thermal runaway characteristic quantities of energy storage batteries. analyze. The detection device adopts a miniaturized design and can be installed on the top of the energy storage container, on the top or outside of the battery rack, and inside the battery box. ,

3. Fire extinguishing agent: Use professional fire extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire of the energy storage system, effectively reducing the risk of fire.

Lithium-ion battery energy storage system automatic fire extinguishing device is an efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly automatic fire extinguishing device developed by Qianye Technology for lithium-ion battery energy storage system. The device uses perfluorohexanone as the fire extinguishing medium, which can effectively extinguish fire, cool down and suppress re-ignition for up to 24 hours.

4. Isolation and zoning: Use isolation and zoning technology to divide the energy storage system. Once a fire occurs, the affected area can be reduced and the loss can be reduced.

In the future, with the continuous development of energy storage technology, energy storage fire protection will face new challenges and opportunities. Through technological innovation and facility improvement, energy storage firefighting can further improve the safety and reliability of energy storage systems.

3. Conclusion
To sum up, both the energy storage industry and energy storage fire protection have broad prospects for development. Energy storage technology will play an important role in the transition to clean energy. At the same time, energy storage fire protection will gradually become an indispensable position in the energy storage industry.

Post time: Sep-23-2023