Photovoltaic Industry Chain Price Reduction Has Become a Set Trend

The price of photovoltaic upstream has plummeted recently, especially silicon materials. The latest price of silicon materials announced by the Silicon Industry Branch yesterday has fallen below the 150,000 yuan/ton mark, a drop of nearly 10%. Among them, the average price of N-type materials was 149,700 yuan/ton, a decrease of 9.66%; the average price of re-feeding materials was 145,000 yuan/ton, a decrease of 9.54%; the average price of dense materials was 142,700 yuan/ton, a decrease of 9.63%.

Silicon wafers are also difficult to be alone. Today, the Silicon Industry Branch announced the latest price of silicon wafers. The average price of N-type monocrystalline silicon wafers of 182mm/130μm is 5.01 yuan/piece, and there is no fluctuation; the average price of M10 monocrystalline silicon wafers of 182mm/150μm is 4.48. Yuan/piece, a decrease of 4.48%; the average price of G12 monocrystalline silicon wafers of 210mm/150μm was 6.14 yuan/piece, a decrease of 15.66%.
Photovoltaic Industry Chain Price Reduction Has Become a Set Trend

Silicon materials, the market has been expecting him to cut prices, but as a cyclical product, once it falls, it will plunge sharply, resulting in a price stampede. The reality is also interpreted in this way. In March, the price of silicon materials was still 250,000 yuan/ton. Unexpectedly, it has broken through 150,000 in a blink of an eye, and the rate of decline is a little faster. The explanation given by the Silicon Industry Branch is that the main reason is silicon wafers. Because the price reduction and production reduction of silicon wafers have led to a sharp contraction in the demand for silicon materials, and the silicon material enterprises have quickly released due to the insufficient demand for silicon wafers in the downstream, and the supply exceeds demand. Accelerated the decline of silicon material.

The price of silicon wafers has dropped except for N-type 182 silicon wafers, and the price of 210 silicon wafers has dropped the most, with a drop of more than 15%. As reported by silicon material manufacturers, the current strategy of silicon wafer companies is to reduce the operating rate and clear inventory. Because the price of silicon materials has dropped too sharply, the price of silicon wafer companies will also drop sharply according to inertial conduction. Therefore, the current strategy of silicon wafer companies The strategy is to control the operating rate and reduce supply to avoid losses.

The prices of silicon materials and silicon wafers in the upstream of photovoltaics plummeted sharply, but the decline in downstream cells and components was relatively slow, and the overall upstream was in a wait-and-see state. On the whole, it can be said that the price war of photovoltaic involution has been fierce, but the bottom line of price is far from coming.

Post time: Sep-22-2023