JA DEEP BLUE 4.0 n-type JAM78D40 600-625/MB

Short Description:


625W n-type Bifacial Double Glass

High Efficiency Mono Module

JAM78D40 600-625/MB

Product Detail

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1.Efficient output: Using the latest solar cell technology to ensure that the product can provide efficient power output under various lighting conditions.
2.Maximum Power up to 625W+
Technology leadership: Our products use the latest solar cell technology and half-cell configurations to ensure product performance is superior to competitors.
3.High Reliability
Low temperature stability: The product has stable performance in low temperature environments and is not easily affected by temperature changes.
4.Ultra-low LID
The power attenuation is 1% in the first year, and the annual linear power attenuation is 0.4%. High-efficiency PERC technology: The product adopts high-efficiency P-type PERC technology, which can reduce power attenuation while ensuring power generation efficiency.

Parameter List

Product number JAM78D40-600/MB JAM78D40-605/MB JAM78D40-610/MB JAM78D40-615/MB JAM78D40-620/MB JAM78D40-625/MB
quality assurance
product quality assurance 12 years
Power Output Guaranteed 0.4% Annual Degradation Over30years
Electrical performance parameters (STC)
Peak Power (Pmax) 600 Wp 605 Wp 610 Wp 615 Wp 620 Wp 625 Wp
Peak operating voltage (Vmpp) 45.67 V 45.8 V 45.94 V 46.07 V 46.2 V 46.37 V
Peak operating current (Impp) 13.14 A 13.21 A 13.28 A 13.35 A 13.42 A 13.48 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 54.75 V 54.9 V 55.05 V 55.2 V 55.34 V 55.49 V
Short circuit current (Isc) 14.02 A 14.09 A 14.16 A 14.23 A 14.3 A 14.36 A
Component efficiency 21.50% 21.60% 21.80% 22% 22.20% 22.40%
Power deviation (positive) 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
Electrical performance parameters (NOCT)
maximum durable temperature 45±2 °C
temperature characteristics
Operating temperature -40~85 °C
Temperature coefficient (Pmax) -0.3 %/°C
Temperature Coefficient (Voc) -0.26 %/°C
Temperature Coefficient (Isc) 0.046 %/°C
System Integration Parameters
system voltage 1500 V
Fuse rated current 30 A
physical parameters
Component size (height/width/thickness) 2465x1134x35 mm
weight 34.6 kg
Cell type double sided
Cell Quantity 156
glass thickness 2 mm
Number of Bypass Diodes 3
Junction box protection class IP 68
connector type MC4
Cable cross section 4 mm2
cable length 1500 mm

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