JA DEEP BLUE 3.0 JAM54S30 LR415-440

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Half-cell Module

JAM54S30 LR415-440

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1.After purchasing this product, customers will gain advantages such as higher output power, improved module efficiency, excellent module appearance, less shading effect, more reliable and stable power generation performance, etc., thereby meeting their energy needs and achieving return on investment.
2.Maximum Power up to 440W+
After purchasing this product, you will get a stable power output of up to 580W+ to meet your high-power application needs. At the same time, our high-quality products and services will also save you time and costs. In addition, because our products are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, you can also contribute to protecting the environment.
3.High Reliability
Our products combine the latest industry developments and technology trends, allowing you to always be at the forefront of the industry and have a competitive advantage.
4.Ultra-low LID
0.55% Annual Degradation Over 25 years.Brand advantage: Our brand has high visibility and good reputation in the market, providing customers with reliable products and services.

Parameter List

Product number JAM54S30-LR415 JAM54S30-LR420 JAM54S30-LR425 JAM54S30-LR430 JAM54S30-LR435 JAM54S30-LR440
quality assurance
product quality assurance 12 years
Power Output Guaranteed 0.45% Annual Degradation Over30years
Electrical performance parameters (STC)
Peak Power (Pmax) 400 Wp 405 Wp 410 Wp 415 Wp 420 Wp 425 Wp
Peak operating voltage (Vmpp) 31.01 V 31.21 V 31.45 V 31.61 V 31.8 V 31.98 V
Peak operating current (Impp) 12.9 A 12.98 A 13.04 A 13.13 A 13.21 A 13.29 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 37.07 V 37.23 V 37.32 V 37.45 V 37.58 V 37.72 V
Short circuit current (Isc) 13.79 A 13.87 A 13.95 A 14.07 A 14.1 A 14.18 A
Component efficiency 20.50% 20.70% 21% 21.30% 21.50% 21.80%
Power deviation (positive) 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%
Electrical performance parameters (NOCT)
maximum durable temperature 45±2 °C
temperature characteristics
Operating temperature -40~85 °C
Temperature coefficient (Pmax) -0.35 %/°C
Temperature Coefficient (Voc) -0.275 %/°C
Temperature Coefficient (Isc) 0.045 %/°C
System Integration Parameters
system voltage 1500 V
Fuse rated current 30 A
physical parameters
Component size (height/width/thickness) 1722x1134x30 mm
weight 21.5 kg
Cell type double sided, back passivated
Cell Quantity 108
Number of Bypass Diodes 3
Junction box protection class IP 68
connector type MC4
Cable cross section 4 mm2
cable length 1100 mm
border type Anodized aluminum alloy
Number of Bypass Diodes 3
Junction box protection class IP 68
Cable cross section 4 mm2
cable length 350 mm

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