GROWATT Commercial & Industrial PV Inverter MAX 50-80KTL3 LV

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MAX 50-80KTL3 LV | 50-80kW | 6/7 MPPTS  | Three Phase |Commercial & Industrial PV Inverter | Solar Inverter

High yields / Safety & Reliable /Smart O&M

The maximum efficiency is 98.7% and the Chinese efficiency is 98.5%.10-channel MPPT design, suitable for complex application scenarios. String detection and /V scanning,accurate location of abnormal strings. String current 16A, support for high-power component access, support for large lines Diameter aluminum wire access, saving communication cable and construction cost.

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Remotely shutdown function


All kinds of communication methods available

● ShineLink-X

● ShineWiFi-X/ShineLan-X/Shine4G-X

● ShineMaster


Powerful free platforms for global customers

monitoring platform

With Growatt ShineWiFi-X connecting the Growatt inverter to WiFi, it is easier for owners to check their solar system status on cell phones or PC.

● 6 /7MPPTs, fusefree design

● High efficiency up to 99%

● One-click diagnosis

● String monitoring

● AC&DC type II SPD

● AFCI optional

Smart Monitoring Platform

Input data (DC)  
Max.  recommended  PV  power
(for module STC)
75000W 90000W 105000W 120000W
Max.DC   voltage   1100V  
Start voltiage   250V  
Nomindl voltage 585V 585V 600V 600V
MPPI voltage range 200V-1000V
No. of MPP tackers 6 6 7 7
No. of PV stings per MPP tracker 2
Max input cument per MPP tacker 26A
Max short-circuit curent
per MPP Tracker
Output   data    (AC)  
AC nominal power 50000W 60000W 70000W 80000W
Max. AC apparent power 55500VA 66600VA 77700VA 88800VA
Nominal AC voltage(iange?)    220V/380V,230V/400V [340-440V]
AC grid frequencytange?]   50/60 Hz(45-55Hz/55-65 Hz)  
Max. output curent 80.5A 96.6A 112.7A 128.8A
Adjustable power factor 0.8leading ...0.8lagging
THDi <3%
AC grid connection type 3W+N+PE
Max.efficiency 98.8% 98.8% 99% 99%
European efticiency 98.4% 98.4% 98.5% 98.5%
MPPT efficiency 99.9%
Protection devices
DC reverse polarity protection Yes
DC switch Yes
DC surge protection Typell/ Typell
Insulation resistance monitoing Yes
AC shor-circuit protection Yes
Ground fault monioing Yes
Gid monitoing Yes
Anti-slanding protection Yes
Residual cument monitoring unit Yes
Sting monitoing Yes
AFCl protection Optional
General      data  
Dimensions   (W/H/D) 860/600/300mm
Weight 82kg 82kg 86kg 86kg
Operating temperature range -25℃..+60℃
Self-consumption <1W
Topology Transformerless
Cooling Smart air cooling
Protection degree IP65
Relative humidity 0-100%
Alifude 4000m
DC connection H4/MC4(Optional)
AC connection Cable gland+ OI terminal
Interfaces: RS485/USB
YesNes /Optional/Optional/Opional
Warnanty: 5 years / 10 years Yes /Optional
CE,VDE0126,Greece, EN50438,EN50549-1,CIO/C11,UIE C 15-712,IEC62116,IEC61727,IEC 60068,IEC61683,CE10-21,
CEIO-16,N4105, DRRG,G98/G99,G100,NRS 097-2-1,MEA,PEA,KSC8565

*The AC voltage range and frequency range may vary depending on specific country grid standard.
Alispecificafions are subjecffo change wmournofice.

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